GEMAL ITALY Srl offers their services to companies that need to outsource their activities. The solutions are provided through targeted consultancies related to the services performed in the various areas of the client companies.
Making use of GEMAL ITALY Srl, means having a single interlocutor ready for any useful and advantageous outsourcing solution for the quality of production processes, for optimization and cost control.

Experience and Quality

We employ a widespread network of network companies that operate throughout the national territory with over 1200 employees, who are able to respond efficiently and promptly to any request.
The technical capabilities, the competency articulations, the high reliability and the continuous updating on the new working methods complete our specific sector competence.

Through the optimization of processes to improve the productivity and quality of services offered and with a highly qualified and organized structure, GEMAL ITALY Srl proposes itself as the only interlocutor to meet the needs of every type of company and most surely at competitive costs. Quality at the service of productivity and safety.


Value for the Customer, fight against waste

In an international scenario in constant movement and change, companies today need to provide unlimited, flexible solutions, qualified to face and anticipate any objective: the ability to respond in a punctual and personalized manner to the needs of each Customer is the foundation for every company that wants to offer itself with active competitiveness in the market.

GEMAL ITALY Srl, thanks to its qualified experience in the outsourcing of logistics and integrated services, proposes a range of solutions for every type of industry and for Customers who need to manage a wide and diversified range of activities.

Outsourcing ensures a professional and efficient management of activities, improvement of the quality and increase of the productivity with a consequent significant economic saving.

GEMAL ITALY Srl’s offer is enriched every day based on the needs of its Customers and on the evolution of markets, intervening in innovation with investment programs that ensure a continuous growth of its activities and, at the same time, guarantee in time the effectiveness and quality of its solutions.

Services GEMAL ITALY Srl

We are able to provide customized answers to the many people in the diverse world of services by offering specific consulting lines to public sector operators, instructions, local authorities, associations and private companies, creating all the services in any industry sector where the client operates. A wide and complete range of services combined with the ability to intervene on the whole national territory, guaranteed by the professionalism of our internal and external collaborators, carefully coordinated by a team of professionals, allow GEMAL ITALY Srl to offer an integrated service which is able to assist the entrepreneur in guiding and managing his own business, responding in a complete, qualified and flexible manner to the needs of the Customer.

We have the following certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015


 We guarantee maximum flexibility through personnel selected with very strict methods. Human resources, trained for individual functions, perform their roles with the utmost competence always aimed at quality and customer satisfaction. The team is coordinated by managers in daily contact with the Central Management Offices and is guaranteed by a specific Civil Liability full coverage insurance policy.


In support of logistics we offer specific services concerning the management of security services and the management and maintenance of spaces and properties.



We create, manage and implement integrated management services for residential, hospital and hotel facilities for our customers. The proposed solutions are designed according to the needs and objectives of each individual customer and are planned and monitored with ad hoc customized information tools and managerial models.


We offer complete cleaning and environmental sanitation services, maintenance of green areas and gardening. In every phase of the services offered, specialized staff intervene with the help of specific tools to achieve total efficiency with the application of environmental and hygienic maintenance protocols.

Analysis of strategic guidelines

Responsible coaching

Definition of needs and expectations

Highlighting problems

Definition of intervention plans

Process analysis check-up

Data collection and volumes

Criticality analysis and proposals

Business plan costs and benefits

Progress checks

Final report

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